Job & handel – SÆLGES – BMW E46 Endurance

BMW E46 Endurance for sale

The car was originally built for endurance
circuit racing. During last 3 years (2016-2018) the car participated in
8 races in Baltics always having podium finishes in 3000cc class. The
car is ready to race. In 2016 finishing 1st in class ant top 10 overall
in so called “Lithuanian LeMans”, 1000km endurance race (among 40+ cars)

– Engine: S50B30, fully rebuilt in June 2018, having only 6 racing hours
after rebuilt. Together with programmable VEMS ECU it has an output of
300hp @ 6932rpm and 342Nm @ 4901rpm.

– Body and aero: Rally spec FIA approved rollcage, fiberglass body kit
(front/rear bumpers, wider fenders, front hood, rear trunk lid, side
skirts). Car is very light with dry weight of 1150kg. Adjustable rear
wing (attack angle)

– Fuel tank: 120L + swirlpot + Bosch fuel pumps.

– Suspension and brakes: BC racing RM series coilovers, E46 M3 standart
brakes + Carbon Lorraine brake pads + front brake cooling, front E46…

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